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It goes without saying that you should book your preferred escape room in advance. Friday nights and weekends are undoubtedly the most popular leisure times. Besides, keep in mind that if you are planning to take part in an adventure game with just your friends, you should reserve the whole session.

Will You Escape Before Time Runs Out?

Track the agent. Find out what he knows and solve the mystery behind these doors.

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Group Events

Will You Find Your Friend Before Time Runs Out?

Go to the psychiatric facility and find your friend and make it out alive.

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Firstly, make up your mind about how many of your friends or relatives are willing to help you find a way out of the room. It’s possible to win the day just with your best buddy as long as you properly estimate your strengths and manage within an hour.

Can you find him before time runs out?

His fate is in your hands!

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