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Team Building

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We can host team building events for companies large and small for an array of industries

Bring your team to Panic Escape Room and boost morale while also learning valuable lessons in communication, organization, and critical thinking.


Our Approach

Not sure how this live escape game experience can build comradery within your group of friends or business? Panic Escape Room is more than just a game of logic; it’s a collaborative problem-solving experience. Sure, there are certainly portions of the game that will require the use of puzzle-cracking strategies, but it is the way the team works together that saves precious time on the clock. A team of puzzle masters will not necessarily translate to success – you need to be a team that works together!

How We Do It

Not a puzzle-person? You don’t have to be! There are three aspects to the game experience: Explorers (finding the clues), Coordinators (using the clues), and Puzzle Solvers (cracking the clues). Without the explorers, there would be no clues to solve. Without the coordinators, multiple team members will be bumping heads. And the variety of clues (math, logic, word, team projects) can be enjoyed by all! Both individual tasks and teamwork tasks are required if you hope to escape!


Team Player vs Lone Wolf

See who works better together or who works better alone


Real Life Insight

See what happens under the ‘stressful’ environment and exactly how you act in real-life scenarios.


Increase Productivity

Happier employees make more productive employees.


Create Culture

Cultivate a healthy, successful work environment.

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Our clients say

This place is the perfect balance of fun and challenge. The rooms are a good mixture of story, puzzles, and modern culture easter eggs. The staff is outstanding and are truly passionate about what they do. We did two rooms back to back, and it was a great experience. The rooms themselves are appropriately thematic without going too far and losing the puzzle edge. I could easily see 6 to 8 people playing in any of their rooms. The building itself looks like an office building- the panic room logo is not on the street sign. Turn on spring creek and go to the back driveway- you'll see the sign towards the basement of the building. The opening videos for the episodes are very well done. We are excited for room 3 to open up.

— N Kay

Product Manager

HOLY MOLY that was fun. A mix of honted scares and creative puzzles. Highly recommend this place. The building is weird & creepy, the people are nice and the stories are good. Godo entertainment option for us. Our game master rich was funny too

— Stacey Pickering


Went here for a team building outing and it is perfect for this. Most definitely encourages teamwork and communication! Loved it and can't wait to go back!

— Leah Hughs


Corporate groups have the opportunity to maximize efficiency in the workplace through our natural team building activity.

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