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Hoffman Estates


  • Type: Interactve

  • Genre: Streaming

  • Players Played: 5849

  • Location: Hoffman Estates - Hours may vary due to current restrictions

  • Mon-Sun: 12PM-9PM

  • Fri-Sat: 12PM-12AM


Your Show. Your Games. Our Rules.

GUIX IS YOUR VERY OWN INTERACTIVE LIVESTREAMING GAME SHOW. Grab up to 7 of your friends and compete in video gaming across a cage-match setting to determine the ultimate winner. GUIX is your show, your games, and your friends with the fast-paced chaos of a cage-match battle!

BUT that’s not all! The difficulties each team faces is controlled by THE ONLINE AUDIENCE. Anyone watching your show online will be able to vote during the livestream and INFLUENCE what challenges and obstacles you and your friends face.

Over 21?
GUIX can also be BYOB so grab your buddies and some beer and let the games begin!